Winooski Public Works Council Liaison Update – January 2019

By Councilor Kristine Lott

Hello Winooski, I am happy to bring you the January Public Works Commission update. At last week’s meeting, the Commission reviewed current design documents for the pool replacement. The current plan has construction scheduled to begin this Summer.

You may view the documents, and other pertinent information, here.

The Commission also reviewed preliminary designs for a new parking garage and hotel that would be built on Abenaki Way, between CCV and River Run Apartments. The same designs were presented as part of the Public Works budget presentation during the January 7th City Council meeting. The development of the hotel and new garage would complete the build-out of the Downtown and alleviate pressures on the existing garage. A bond would be required to fund construction costs related to the parking infrastructure, and the debt service would be paid out of parking revenues, not your property taxes. Contracts for space in the existing garage will likely move into the new garage, opening more spaces for public use. The bond vote for this project may appear on upcoming Town Meeting Day ballots, which would allow construction to begin later this year.

Finally, the Commission reviewed a proposal to begin a scoping study to identify locally-supported improvements that enhance safety and accessibility, improve aesthetics, and maximize the gateway of East Allen Street from Roland Court all the way to the rotary. This study could lead to future improvements along this stretch of road.

Learn more about the Public Works Commission here.

Feel free to reach out to Deputy Mayor Nicole Mace with questions regarding this update: