Weaver St. Pop-up Demonstration

Project Updates


The Dept. of Public Works will present their findings from this project to Winooski City Council. Based on community feedback and data collected as part of the pilot program, below are items we are reviewing for future potential multimodal improvements and further community discussion along Weaver Street;

• Recommend a shared-use lane bike facility versus a dedicated bike lane with markings at this time. The shared-use facility would include “sharrow” pavement markings and signage installation for improved cycling accommodations without modifying on-street parking and drive lane widths.

• Review potential future improvements for pedestrian intersection crossings and sidewalk improvements. For example, installation of pedestrian bump-out facilities for traffic calming and improved safety.

• Collect additional traffic speed data north of Stevens Street and review potential traffic calming measures if needed. (Ex: speed bumps, pavement markings). Traffic speed data was not collected in this area during the pilot review.  Based on field observations and roadway geometry this section of Weaver appears to have higher traffic speeds.

• Continue to work and communicate with community members and users to review potential on-street and off-street parking improvements. (Ex. Install marked on-street parking spaces to improve parking area efficiency, Review possible additional ADA parking needs and locations)

• Update the Transportation Masterplan to reflect pilot results and feedback data.

Click here to view full project findings (including community feedback appendix).

Data collection documents:


The Weaver Street Pop-up Project is now available for use!

This project is open to all. Please use caution when using this temporary project – remember to drive safe, wear your bike helmets, and look both ways when using crosswalks.

We encourage all participants (drivers, bikers, pedestrians, etc.) to submit their feedback via this form: https://www.localmotion.org/weaversurvey

Feedback forms and project information sheets can be also be picked up and submitted at Winooski City Hall (27 West Allen St.) M – F, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

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The City of Winooski Department of Public Works has partnered with Local Motion, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC), and VHB to pilot a temporary, interactive pop-up project along Weaver Street that demonstrates a two-way protected bike lane that may create a safer, low-stress commute for the residents and visitors of Winooski. The goal of this project is to provide a fun, engaging, and inclusive space for all participants. We invite bikers, pedestrians, and drivers to take part in this project and submit your feedback (details below).

The Weaver Street Pop-up Demonstration Project serves as a temporary look at possible bike alternatives previously suggested by two ongoing transportation initiatives, including:

During the public input phase of the Main Street Revitalization project, the Winooski Planning and Public Works Commissions (with the guidance and support of residents) opted to enhance the pedestrian environment along Main Street in lieu of protected bike lanes. As an alternative, a commitment was made to review options for two-way protected bike lanes on Weaver Street, which was identified as the best solution for a lower-stress bicycle route.

Results from the Weaver Street Pop-up Demonstration Project may or may not support multimodal options as recommended by these initiatives. Pop-up demonstrations are a cost-effective way to assess improvements, as they incorporate low cost and temporary materials such as planters, traffic cones, and spray chalk into a reconfigured street. Local Motion brings their expertise through a partnership with Team Better Block (TBB), a nationally recognized expert in pop-up demonstration projects. The City of Winooski will borrow Local Motion’s Pop-up Project Mobile Support Trailer for the demonstration, which is equipped with all of the supplies needed to run a successful pop-up demonstration.

Concerns & Public Input

On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, the City of Winooski held a project introduction/community input meeting at the Saint Francis Xavier School. The City of Winooski would personally like to thank the residents of Weaver Street, the parishioners of Saint Francis Xavier, the members of the Saint Francis Xavier School, and the community at large for their valued input during this meeting. The City was asked to consider minimizing the impact of the temporary bike lanes on those individuals, particularly with more limited mobility, who wish to access functions such as regularly scheduled Masses, funerals, and weddings at the Saint Francis Xavier Church. The City met with Saint Francis representatives Monsignor Lavalley and Robin McCormick, outlining these points regarding the project plan:

  • During the pop-up trial period, there will be NO dedicated bike lanes on the westerly side (Church side) of Weaver Street on the block between Stevens Street and St. Peter Street. This means there will be parking allowed in legal parking areas on Weaver Street directly next to Saint Francis Xavier Church at all times during the pop-up.
  • As originally planned, the City will not be enforcing any parking restrictions during the project understanding the multitude of dynamic parking needs of the residents and visitors of Weaver Street. Whenever possible, the City asks for the cooperation of community members to refrain from parking where the two-way bike lanes are marked on Weaver Street during the temporary, ten-day project.
  • A continued discussion will resume between Saint Francis and the City regarding the availability of handicapped parking spaces at the Church.
  • If a wedding or funeral takes place during the pilot, the City will close the pilot to accommodate parking for the event.

All parties involved in this project wish to emphasize that this is only a trial run to help examine the ways that Weaver Street is used for driving, parking, bike riding, and walking in relation to the work completed during The Transportation Master Plan and The Main Street Revitalization Project. In doing so, the City and its partners will be able to get a sense of what the impact of dedicated bike lanes would be on all users of Weaver Street. The City will continue to work with Saint Francis Xavier to ensure access to their services – especially for the elderly, the handicapped, and those with impaired mobility, is not diminished or hindered. The City is continuing to examine various options for ways to increase driver, cyclist, and pedestrian safety on Weaver Street without impinging on access to Saint Francis Xavier Church. 

Timeline, Design, & Logistics

June 1st, 2018 – Sunday, June 10th

Residents and visitors are invited to use the reformatted version of Weaver Street. We will be compiling community feedback starting June 1st, 2018 via the project landing page: https://www.ccrpcvt.org/winooski-weaver-street-pop-up.

Other options (paper forms, text-to-link, etc.) for accessing the feedback form will be announced on June 1st.

The previously announced “launch event” was canceled due to multiple scheduling conflicts. The design of the Weaver Street pop-up proposes to include the following elements:

  • A two-way protected bike lane along the west side of Weaver St. running between Maple St. and Tigan St. (with the exception of the block between Stevens St. and St. Peter St.) spanning 4 – 5 ft. wide with a 1 – 3 ft. protective traffic buffer
  • Bike lanes painted with spray chalk (easily removed or left to fade)
  • A temporarily eliminated on-street parking lane (west side of Weaver St.)
  • A maintained on-street parking lane (east side of Weaver St., where it currently exists)

Click here to view area map.

All documents and data can be found on the project page by clicking here.

The City of Winooski would like to thank our partners Local Motion, VHB, and CCRPC for their support and consultation during this project.

Questions regarding this project can be sent to:

Jon Rauscher, Director of Winooski Public Works: jrauscher@winooskivt.org / 802 655 6410

Jessie Baker, Winooski City Manager: jbaker@winooskivt.org / 802 655 6410

Download the official press release here.