Unofficial 2018 Town Meeting Day Election Results

Click here to download the City Clerk’s unofficial Town Meeting Day election results.

For Mayor:

To elect a Mayor for a term of three (3) years.

Seth Leonard: 851

For Councilors:

To elect two (2) City Councilors for a term of two (2) years each.

Kristine Lott: 607

Hal Colston: 537

Ebony Nyoni: 347

For Water Commissioner:

Jonathan Stockbridge: 805

Article Three: City Budget

Shall the voters of the City of Winooski approve the budget for the Fiscal Year for 2019 in the amount of Six Million, Six Hundred Ninety-Seven Thousand, Nine Hundred Eighty-Eight Dollars and Seventy-Seven Cents ($6,697,988.77)?  The amount to be raised from property taxes is Five Million, Three Hundred Eighty Thousand, Five Hundred Twenty-Nine Dollars and Thirteen Cents ($5,380,529.13)?

Yes: 701

No: 232

Article Four:

Shall the City Council be authorized to apply for and accept funds from sources other than property taxation, and to expend the same for the benefit of the City in addition to sums for which budget appropriation has been made? (Approval of this article will not impact property taxes.)

Yes: 854

No: 80

Article Five:  Bond Vote

Shall general obligation bonds of the City of Winooski in an amount not to exceed One Million, Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($1,450,000) be issued for planning, design, and construction of capital improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment plant, including a new headworks structure housing a mechanical screen and grit removal system and a garage building, at a total estimated cost of $1,450,000? Of this funding One Million, Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,200,000) is expected to be eligible for funding from the State Revolving Loan Fund for the new headworks improvements Repayment is intended to come from the enterprise fund, subject to any reduction for applicable state and federal grants-in-aid and any applicable general funds.

Yes: 823

No: 110

Article Six:

Shall the City of Winooski enter into an agreement for the formation of a union municipal district to be known as the Chittenden County Public Safety Authority, for the purpose of providing regional emergency dispatch?

Yes: 638

No: 234

For School Trustee:

Two Year Term 

Tori Cleiland: 542

Alexander Yin: 192

Three Year Term

Alexander Yin: 226