Reminder: Open Council Seats & Notice of Last Day to File a Ballot Petition

If you or someone you know wishes to run for Winooski City Council or Winooski School District Trustee a petition of 50 registered Winooski voter signatures is required.  Interested in learning more about Winooski’s Council-Manager form of government, the role of our elected officials, and city operations?

Please contact City Manager, Jessie Baker: / 802 655 6410

The last day to submit your petition to the City Clerk’s Office (Winooski City Hall, 27 West Allen Street) is Friday, February 1, 2019, at 4:30 PM. Petition templates can be downloaded here or picked up at the City Clerk’s Office.

Please note – the City Clerk’s Office asks petitioners to try to acquire more than 50 signatures. Registered voters may not sign more than one petition for the Office of Mayor. One signature per open City Council seat may be given.

Open terms:


2 yr unexpired term for Seth Leonard

Council Members:

2yr term (currently held by Nicole Mace)

2yr term (currently Eric Covey)

1 year unexpired Council term (vacated by Kristine Lott as required by Charter)

School Trustees:

1-2 yr term (currently held by Matt McNeil)

1-3 yr term (currently held by Jenn Corrigan)

Questions regarding governance in Winooski can be sent to Jessie Baker, Winooski City Manager: / 802 655 6410 

Questions regarding petitions can be sent to Carol Barrett, Winooski City Clerk: / 802 655 6410