Press Release: Introducing “WellNooski” & Promise Community Grants

Introducing “WellNooski” & Promise Community Grants

The “WellNooski” Steering Committee is proud to announce a series of grant opportunities through the Promise Communities Initiative. Awarded by the State of Vermont Department for Children and Families, the Promise Community Initiative provides support to communities with at least one elementary school by working across sectors (including health, education, human services and community planning). To learn more about this initiative, click here.

The WellNooski Steering Committee is a multi-stakeholder group with the aspiration to improve educational and developmental outcomes for children in Winooski, who include partners from Howard Center, UVM Medical, State of Vermont Department of Health, Building Bright Futures, United Way of Northwest Vermont, City of Winooski, Winooski School District, and Winooski Family Center. The WellNooski Steering Committee will be sub-granting these resources to potential partners who serve Winooski children ages 0 – 6. There are five opportunities for participation:

  1. Funding a licensed childcare center (start up, construction).
  2. Funding for and quality improvements to the five existing home childcare providers (daycares).
  3. Funding for community programs and events (any service entity that serves Winooski families interested in proving events and programs to build community).
  4. Emergency funding for families in crisis (as referred by a service provider).
  5. Professional development learning cohort (focused on recruiting across sectors such as education, law enforcement, mental health, and other service entities in the community).

The WellNooski Steering Committee invites caregivers, families, service organizations, and other interested partners to inquire about using these funds. A campaign will promote each one of the five opportunities over the next few months and can be accessed via the City of Winooski website and social media channels.

Interested parties can download the sub-grant application here.

Application submissions and questions about this program should be forwarded to Kirstie Paschall, Children and Families Program Manager  / 802 233 8188 / 27 West Allen St. Winooski, VT 05404

Download the official press release here.