Myers Memorial Pool Replacement Project

Project Updates

Over the past few months, Winooski City Council has been discussing the results of a Preliminary Engineering study for a replacement design for the Myers Memorial Pool, including analysis at their May 21, 2018 meeting of several different budget options for the project. Click here to view those three primary options.

On May 22, 2018, Winooski City Council received a memo in response to several questions that they had posed to staff regarding the Preliminary Engineering report and subsequent budget modeling that had been discussed at their April 2, 2018 meeting. Materials provided to Council included a memo and budget model (click to view).


On April 28th, 2016, the Community Services Department issued a detailed press release with an update on closing the Myers Memorial Pool. Click here to read the press release.

The City of Winooski chartered the ad hoc Winooski Pool Feasibility and Design Project Committee, whose goal was to assist in the selection of a vendor to complete a thorough Pool Replacement Feasibility and Scoping Study.

Click here to view the Winooski Pool Feasibility and Design Project Committee Charter.

The Committee assisted with community outreach and data gathering (surveys, focus groups, community meetings, etc.) needed to support the selected vendor in establishing community interest and updated goals of a municipal pool facility. The Project Team worked closely with the Community Services Commission, the selected vendor, and City staff in proposing a replacement design and plan that:

  • meets the previously identified community needs and goals;
  • is operationally sustainable over time; and
  • is based on a reasonable funding plan (both initial investment long-term term costs).

Click here to view the original conceptual design (presented to Winooski City Council on 8/7/17).

After receiving the final report from the Pool Feasibility and Conceptual Design study, Winooski City Council voted on 11/6/17 to allocate funds to support moving the project to “preliminary engineering”, which represents a deeper dive into design, planning, and ultimately a more accurate cost estimate. The engineering firm Weston and Sampson was selected to conduct this work, and the City has been actively engaged with them since December on a timeline that has a target for a final Preliminary Engineering report being delivered in March 2018.

Deliverables to date include:

On January 24, 2018, Weston and Sampson provided an update to the Community Services Commission.

Click here to view the presentation or the draft minutes of the meeting.

On March 19, 2018 the Winooski City Council received a presentation of the Draft Final Preliminary Engineering Report from Weston and Sampson (including illustrative, architectural, and schematic drawings) during their regular meeting.

Click here to view the minutes for this meeting.

Click here to view the Draft Preliminary Engineering Submission Package.

Click here to view the Draft Drawings (Combined Plan Set).