Main Street Revitalization Bond Vote Results

Main Street Revitalization Special Election Bond Vote results:

Shall the bonds of the City of Winooski in an amount not to exceed Twenty Three Million Dollars ($23,000,000), be issued for the purpose of the planning, design and construction of improvements for the City, known as the WINOOSKI MAIN STREET REVITALIZATION PROJECT, consisting of planning, design, construction and reconstruction of the Winooski Main Street corridor, including upgrades to existing water, wastewater, electric and telecommunication facilities, stormwater, roadway, streetscape, traffic, and landscape elements, sidewalk and road improvements, with the amount of the bonded indebtedness to be reduced by the receipt of federal and state grants and aid?

Total Votes: 497

Total Yes: 311

Total No: 185

Void: 1

The City of Winooski would like to thank our community for their level of engagement and interest in this project. We are humbled by the multitude of residents, businesses, and visitors who participated in the conversation during the preliminary design process and wish to extend our gratitude for your participation. We also want to thank our engineering partners, VHB, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, Jon Rauscher and Ryan Lambert of Winooski Public Works, the Winooski Planning and Public Works Commissions, Mayor Seth Leonard, and Winooski City Council for their collective time and energy put forth during this process. Special thanks to our City Clerk’s Office, the Winooski Senior Center, and our Special Election Volunteers for facilitating this exciting opportunity.

With the majority yes vote, we will continue the process of exploring State and Federal funding options to put together a comprehensive financing package. We will provide an update to Winooski City Council at their meeting on Monday, May 21st, 2018. All Winooski City Council meetings are open to the public – we encourage you to join us.

Questions regarding this press release, the Special Election Bond Vote, or the
Main Street Revitalization Project can be sent to:

Jessie Baker, Winooski City Manager – / 802 655 6410

Seth Leonard, Mayor – / 802 655 6410

Download the official press release here.