Community Services Council Liaison Update – January 2019

By Councilor Hal Colston

Greetings friends and neighbors,

I’m pleased to bring you the first Community Services Council Liaison Update.

At the last meeting of the Community Services Commission, an engaged conversation took place to best understand what programming is wanted by the community and how to best offer the most access to these programs.

Ray Coffey, Community Services Director, shared data about the programs that are popular and demanded. The commission wanted to best understand what programs are desired and needed, regardless of ability to pay. It was decided to solicit input from the community through a survey to confirm the community’s desire for programming.

The goal of the Community Services Commission is to offer the best programming for the most residents in the community. Mr. Coffey shared examples from other communities that offer scholarships for programming. It was decided by the commission to create a pool of scholarship funding and put in place a process that provides scholarships based on need. The intent is to make the process simple and least intrusive with regards to financial status so all can participate.

At its next meeting, the Community Services Commission reviewed a proposed scholarship program policy and guidelines. The purpose is to minimize barriers and provide more equitable access for residents to register for programs. The amounts can be up to but not exceeding the cost of the program with no limit to the number of requests in a year. The program is open to all current Winooski residents in good financial standing with the Community Services Department. Scholarship funds will not be awarded to support costs paid by other funding sources. Scholarship requests must be made no less than three business days in advance of a program’s registration deadline. Individuals will have an online account through the Recreation Department where the scholarship can be directly applied.

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