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What We Do

The mission of the Winooski Community Justice Center is to offer a restorative approach to conflict and crime. We assist community members with information, referral, and access to other community resources. The Winooski Police Department, through its Community Justice Center, supports active involvement by Winooski citizens in resolving conflict, preventing crime, and providing support to individuals affected by crime. The Winooski Community Justice Center is dedicated to offering restorative approaches to community conflict and crime in Winooski.


  • Restorative Justice Panel
  • Reentry Services
  • Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA)
  • Graffiti removal
  • Volunteer opportunities

New Law Allows Expungement for Some Offenses

For crimes committed before age 25, new legislation has been passed in Vermont which allows people to request expungement of their records. Offenses that qualify under this Act are generally misdemeanors or a crime as defined in 13 V.S.A. §7601(4). It does not cover more serious violations.

The Winooski Community Justice Center assists community members to apply for expungement under this law. The petitioner must show involvement in gainful employment, volunteer work, or military service in the 5 years since the offense occurred. Any reparation or restitution must have been completed, and no further offenses can have occurred. People seeking expungement under this law need to work with the local Justice Center which will forward the request for approval.

To learn more about this process, contact Eli Ferree, Director of the Community Justice Center:

802-655-0221 /

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