Burlington International Airport Sound Mitigation

Project Updates:

Winooski City Council approved a joint resolution on August 8th, 2017 which requests that The Burlington City Council consider forming a commission that reviews the structure of the Burlington International Airport (including representation from Winooski and other affected communities in the region).

Click here to view this resolution.


The City of Winooski has made available a number of pertinent documents related to this project which can be found within the Winooski City Council public documents folder. Click here to access these documents.


Please visit btvsound.com for comprehensive information regarding Burlington International Airport Sound Mitigation Program, the Noise Compatibility Program (NCP), the Burlington International Airport (BTV) Sound Mitigation Committee, and more.

Questions regarding Burlington Airport Sound Mitigation can be submitted via their website. 

Burlington International Airport: www.btv.aero

Federal Aviation Administration: www.faa.gov

Land Reuse Plan Update: www.btvairportlandreuse.com