City Council

Mission Statement

  • We are elected residents, representative and accountable to the City of Winooski at large.
  • We are dedicated stewards of the public good who highly value our own ethics and integrity.
  • As voices of the people, we strive to improve the quality of life in Winooski for current and future generations without sacrificing our existing obligations.
  • We encourage citizen participation, practice sound fiscal management and strive to use our collective knowledge to provide visionary leadership

City Council Calendar

Current Topics:

F35 Documents 

TIF Reconciliation Report

• Winooski Gateways FBC Draft 7.27.15

Council Members

Mayor: Seth Leonard / Term Expires: March 2018

Deputy Mayor: Brian Sweeney / Term Expires: March 2018

Councilor: Brian Corrigan / Term Expires: March 2018

Nicole Mace / Term Expires: March 2019

Eric Covey / Term Expires: March 2019